Well hello and welcome! I’m Helen Keegan, Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media and Social Technologies at the University of Salford, UK. I basically do interesting things with learning and technology (at least, I hope they are), with a heavy focus on creativity and interdisciplinarity. I’m based in Acoustics/Computer Science, but do ‘social stuff’. It’s a great place to be as I get to work across arts and sciences and am constantly challenged by working across disciplines and cultures. I do a lot of presenting (keynotes, seminars) both in the UK and overseas, I write/publish, and do occasional media appearances (radio, which is good as i don’t have to wash my hair) and consultancy for Universities on curriculum innovation, programme and learning design. You can find out more about what I do here.

Oh yeah – i’m @heloukee on Twitter. Do say hello 🙂

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