• Keynote: Title TBC. University of Middlesex 10 July 2014
  • Keynote: Future of Research, Innovation and Technology. June 26
  • Sunday Times Festival of Education, UK. June 20-21
  • Keynote: Curiosity and Curriculum: Adventures in Education and Technology. National Congress on Learning and Social Media. Amsterdam, May 20-23 2014.
  • University of Huddersfield. 13 May 2014.
  • Keynote: Creativity in the Wild: Global Collaborations through Mobile Media. ICT in Education Conference 2014. Thurles, Ireland, 10 May 2014.
  • Keynote: Working (or not) at the edge of chaos. Evidencing Creativity. HEA Symposium. Manchester Museum, University of Manchester, 30 April 2014.
  • BRISBANE December
  • Keynote (title tbc) 3rd MINA International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium and Screening. Auckland, New Zealand, 20-22 Nov 2013.
  • Open Lecture in Learning and Teaching (title tbc), University of Greenwich, 9th Oct 2013
  • Keynote (title tbc) eAssessment Scotland, 23 Aug 2013
  • Keynote (title tbc) The PLE Conference 2013 – Personal Learning Environments: Learning and Diversity in the Cities of the Future. Berlin/Melbourne. 10-12 July 2013.
  • Keynote Open: Social: Mobile: Connected. Teaching and Learning Summer School. University of Salford, UK. 1-5 July 2013
  • Invited Speaker Authentic Experiences, Risky Pedagogies? EdMedia World Conference on Educational Media and Technology. Victoria, BC, Canada, 24-28 June 2013
  • Seminar Social Media for Employability and Engagement. University of South Wales, 9 May 2013
  • Invited Speaker Collaborative filmmaking on mobile phones. Changing the Learning Landscape – Power in your pocket: the creative use of mobile technologies to enhance learning and teaching in the performing and visual arts, HEA Event hosted by the University of Salford. 26 April 2013.
  • Keynote Curriculum, Connections, Curiosity Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK, 19 March 2013
  • Keynote Alternate Realities: Alternative Pedagogies University of Canberra, Australia, 17 March 2013
  • Open Media Research Seminar : create to engage Coventry University, 25 Feb 2013
  • Eduhack, London, 8th Nov 2012
  • Keynote (title tbc) The Cage 12: The Big Escape. Stockholm, Sweden. 30 Oct 2012
  • Keynote The Creative and The Curious: When Learners Roam Free The 7th EDEN Research Workshop ‘Learners in the Driving Seat’, KU Leuven, Belgium, 22-23 Oct 2012
  • Conference Plenary Into the Wild: Embracing the Anarchy. UCISA Conference. Crewe Hall, UK, 10-12 July 2012
  • Plenary Presentation (TED-style) Curiosity, Mystery, Intrigue and the Pedagogy of Deception. The NMC Perspective Series: Ideas that Matter, New Media Consortium Annual Conference, MIT, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 12-15 June 2012 – Available on iTunesU and also YouTube
  • Gyro HSR, Stockholm, Sweden, 7 June 2012
  • Spotlight Session Who is Rufi Franzen?. PELeCON 2012 – Plymouth eLearning Conference, UK, 18-20 April 2012
  • Conference Keynote Creativity and Engagement through Social Media. UCISA Using Social Media for Training, MediaCityUK, 18th April 2012
  • Panelist (alongside Allen Partridge, Gráinne Conole, Claudio Dondi and Tom Wambeke) Re-imagining sacred cows: what are the implications of social networking on media and learning? Media and Learning Conference, Brussels, 24-25th November 2011
  • Conference Keynote Learning and Teaching in Networked Publics, SVEA Next Generation Learning Conference. Brussels, Belgium, 23 November 2011.
  • Conference Keynote Identity, Community, and Serendipity: Crossing Boundaries. Career Management in the Digital Age. University of Salford, June 2011.
  • Conference Keynote, Guerilla Productions for Very Small Screens: Transformations through Mobile Creativity. Mobile learning: Crossing boundaries in convergent environments, Bremen, Germany, 21st March 2011
  • Masterclass, Birds Eye View Film Festival 2011, BFI Southbank, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, 13th March 2011
  • Research Seminar, “The Ethics of Internet Research”, University of Bolton, 4th March 2011
  • Conference KeynoteMedia and Learning Ecosystems: Blurring Boundaries, Changing Minds. Media and Learning Conference, Brussels, 26th November 2010
  • Mobile phones as creative devices: transformations and constraints. JISC CETIS Conference, Nottingham, 15th November 2010
  • Identities in Social Media. Manchester Science Festival, 5th November 2010
  • Tidying up my Digital Identity. BBC Global News, London, 19th April 2010.
  • “Flickr: Getting the most from photo-sharing and social-networking accounts”, EPSRC/KT-Equal Digital Identity Event, University of Reading, 16th April 2010.
  • “The evolution of a personal professional identity”, Digital Identity Seminar, Oxford Brookes University, 20 January 2010.
  • “Social Technologies: Digital Identity: Curriculum (re)Design”, Computing and Creative Games Staff Seminar, University of Bolton, 11 November 2009.
  • “Online Reputation and Privacy: How much is too much when it comes to presenting your true ‘self’ online?” Opening plenary presenter at the 2000 EDUCAMP in Ilmenau, Germany, 17 April 2009.
  • EDEN panel presentation ‘Web 2.0 applications in Europe’ for the Sloan Consortium Conference, University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 9 May, 2008.
  • Final plenary session at the Plymouth e-Learning Conference, April 4 2008.
  • Guest Speaker at the Bazaar conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, Dec 2007
  • Guest Speaker at the Sputnic Seminar, EDEN conference, Naples, Italy, June 2007
  • Guest Speaker at the Italian Socrates-Erasmus launch of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Salerno, Italy. January 2007
  • Guest Speaker at the Virtual Mobility Forum, “The ESMOS Project: A Blended Approach to Mobility Support”. Online Educa Berlin, November 2006
  • Guest Speaker at the D. Tsenov Academy 70th anniversary conference, Bulgaria, November 2006


  1. Enhancing Participatory Culture: How to design international collaboration with social and mobile media? With Ilona Buchem and Mar Carmacho. Online Educa Berlin, Nov 28 2012.
  2. This Is Not A Module: Learning through Alternate Reality Gaming. Association for Internet Research Annual Conference (ir13), MediaCityUK, 20 Oct 2012
  3. New Global Learning Cultures: Interdisciplinarity through Networked Technologies. Association for Internet Research Annual Conference (ir13), MediaCityUK, 19 Oct 2012
  4. Blogs, Twitter and Openness: Serendipity and Opportunity versus The Tyranny of Authenticity. Online Educa Berlin, Nov 30-Dec 2 2011.
  5. Internet-mediated Urban Eccentrics. AoIR 12 (Association for Internet Research Conference), Seattle, US. October 10-13 2011.
  6. YouTube Culture and Mobile Films: Transformations through Networked Creativity. AoIR 12 (Association for Internet Research Conference), Seattle, US. October 10-13 2011.
  7. The Paradox of Openness: The High Costs of Giving Online. Symposium panel with Frances Bell, Josie Fraser and Richard Hall. ALT-C 2011 (The Assocation for Learning Technology Conference), Leeds, UK. Sept 2011.
  8. Bringing the Social into the Sciences: Blurring Media Boundaries, Education in a Changing Environment (ECE) Conference, University of Salford, UK, 6-8 July 2011
  9. Creativity and Engagement through Mobile Filmmaking, Education in a Changing Environment (ECE) Conference, University of Salford, UK, 6-8 July 2011
  10. Learner Innovation: Creative Collaboration On-the-Move and In-the-Cloud, Online Educa Berlin, December 2010.
  11. Google me, Bing you. Full day workshop (with Williams, S, Parslow, P., Lundqvist, K. and Nunney, B.) at Online Educa Berlin, November 30 2010.
  12. CMS Futures: The way ahead for Course Management Systems. (Roundtable with Kibby, M., Leaver, T., Hunsinger, J., Halavais, A. and Coopman, T. Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) conference, Internet Research 11.0 – Sustainability, Participation, Action . Gothenburg, Sweden, October 2010.
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