Instagram, remote working and the feelgood factor

Taking inspiration my ‘my mate huey’, I feel compelled to write a post about 5 things I’ve liked this week. It might be more/less than five – I haven’t written the post yet. Let’s see what happens…

1) The #foodporn movement on instagram.

As a massive Flickr fan, I’m no stranger to #foodporn (pics of food that you made/ate/loved) but the thing with instagram is that it works perfectly for those ‘this is what I’m eating, right now’ moments. I love food, I mean I really love food. Through posting pics combined with the #foodporn tag, i’m connecting with lots of people from Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Thailand mainly) and that’s something that I haven’t done before on this scale. My (imagined – thanks Benedict Anderson) Flickr community/ies have tended to be made up of speakers of one of the world’s Englishes (or 2nd language speakers). Not intentional by any means, but it just seems to be the way we’ve gravitated towards one another – I guess the cliquey cultural references and in-group humour often serve to exclude, which is a shame really.
I’m enjoying the heavy use of the Emoji font by Asian instagrammers – big user myself, but up until now it’s mainly been with close friends (we do awesome Emoji texts – generally centered around flights/travel icons). Loving the way that Emoji plays such a key role in communicating the global appreciation of all things food. So yeah, instagram + #foodporn + Emoji = Mobile Web Goodness!

2) Remote working through Skype and Google+ hangouts (in a bikini).
I’ve been here in Stockholm for 4 weeks now and it’s been pretty scorchio. My goal for this time was to move to an entirely electronic way of working – armed with my Kindle and laptop I was going to shun anything paper-based. Managed until yesterday when I couldn’t take anymore and had to go and print out heaps of docs i.e. electronic office #fail. Really need to work on this as when I move to MediaCity UK in Sept I’m not going to have an office any more in the traditional sense – hot-desking all round!
Anyway, I digress – this is a post about remote working isn’t it?
SO, Google+ hangout/Skype! Ok, so Skype’s not new, but between the two I’ve been having exciting meetings with colleagues across continents about upcoming projects and have had some great supervision sessions with my postgrad students. Love the sense of peace and thinking space away from day-to-day campus distractions.
Ladies who Skype
I especially like my chats with @francesbell. We talk a lot anyway, but it’s nice that distance doesn’t change anything – apart from the fact that she’s got this new recording software so I’ve stopped swearing on Skype. Oh yeah, and this is where the bikini bit comes into play – Frances wanted to test her software/interview me today, recording Skype vid. Had to go audio only because of the bikini – not a good look for serious EdTech chat. Google+ is good for this as it asks you to check how you look first i.e. are you wearing clothes? Skype needs to do the same.

3) The cover of ‘Wild Thing’ by The Pinups (1980).

This is an awesome cover, but couldn’t find it in any of my usual online haunts (Blipfm, Spotify etc.) – luckily some kind soul has shared it here:
Serious gem.

4) Ok so I’m stopping at 4, because this is just a frivoulous summer post and I’d rather save tales of this year’s sea-kayaking extravaganza for a dedicated post. It will involve digital cultures, promise.

Happy August
Bye for now!

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