Mobile Films: Learning through discontinuity

Once again, our students did fantastically well this year through generating their own content – this time, making short films shot entirely on mobile phones 🙂

Audio and Video Technology students worked in groups to produce short practice-based films using the devices in their pockets, developing imaginative and innovative filming techniques through exploring the creative affordances and constraints of the technology. Groups were responsible for managing their own projects through wikis, which were also used to document the overall research and production processes and present the final project report, alongside online ‘making of’ photo-diaries which linked to the wikis, offering  a rich insight into their creative and technical processes. The films were presented in a mini ‘film festival’; full assignments submitted as QR codes which linked to their work online. Through using multiple media across a range of online platforms the students immersed themselves in the technologies as mobile and networked learners and content producers. Continue reading