Online Educa Berlin presentation

Here’s my PPT for today’s presentation at OEB09 – will write more later (just hopped onto somebody’s wifi to upload this, if I use it for more that 10 minutes they may shoot me)

Formal to Informal – Education to Industry: Easing the transition through social media


9 thoughts on “Online Educa Berlin presentation

  1. Really liked the presentation. Shame you didn’t have more time. Liked the idea of a guided development of the digital self. would like to try something similair with my students.

    • Hi Lisa, glad you enjoyed it! Are you thinking about one module in particular or is this something you would like to try across a range of modules?

  2. Really enjoyed your talk (and by the way agree about the Chair of Ofsted – she should be running all of our education system)

    I work more in the supporting business or people in employment – particularly across a rural and remote landscape and am looking at the challenges of getting people to engage and develop a personal and professional identity for their own and hopefully business use.

    Really thought the process you have developed and the ideas were full of really strong ideas for me to try to develop in this area.


  3. Would like to hear more details on what kind of assignments you’ve been using, and also how it’s been “framed” in order for the students to not see the blog as (potentially superflous) extra assignment. [I absolutely find it possible, but what did U do?]

    • There are 2 pieces of assigned work in this module, and the blog assignment (‘My Digital Self’) is worth 50% of the overall marks. The emphasis isn’t wholly placed on blogging – 30% of the marks are awarded for blogging and participation (replying to comments, commenting on other blogs, engaging with others), but the emphasis is equally placed on the development of a multimedia work showcase, so audio/video/images are embedded from other platforms in order to build up a rich impression of the student and their work (audio/video production). The blog-based writing complements this work, giving the students a chance to talk about what they do outside the classroom. For example, gig reviews are great as they give the learners the opportunity to write about something that they love, but they can also incorporate some critical thinking (quality of visuals? sound levels?) which demonstrates their expertise.
      With regards the assessment, I try to spend time with each student discussing their marks/comments and this is actually when a lot of learning seems to happen as it gives them an opportunity to reflect on their work/practice and how their identity has developed over time.

    • Thanks Shirley, it would be great to do something together and considering the similarities between our educational contexts it would be very interesting to find out more about the work you’ve been doing – let’s chat properly soon!

  4. This is something I’d like to try across a range of modules. I have used blogs with my students before, but like the idea of showcasing the students work alot. Like you said in your presentation, there can be some unexpected results when students are given an opportunity to publish their work themselves. When blogging with my students I saw that some of the more timid and quiet students suddenly gave their opinions on topics more freely. I think that by letting the students showcase themselves and their work across a range of modules (blogs, wikis, audio/video/images etc. ) you give them an opportunity to be creative, help them “manage” their digital identity in a positive way in addition to all the other positive effects this can have on learning.

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